Did you know that you can call someone pretending to be another person from their phonebook and have a male or female voice read the message you have for them? 

You can come up with a lot of prank call ideas, but in case you run out of ideas, we prepared a handbook with 21 best prank calls ever! Enter any name, and it will appear as the name of the caller. Sounds interesting, right? Well, more on that later.

The best prank calls are probably not revealed, but we created a list of those that work 100%. We already used most of these prank call ideas with our friends, but we were careful, and we recommend you to do the same. Use it only if you are close to the recipient. We made them up just for your entertainment.

Why should you make a prank call?

Well, for one thing, it’s fun as hell. You can do it out of revenge, to freak someone out, make them laugh, or just for the sake of your entertainment. Activate the service, sit back and enjoy.

Are you going to prank your friend, partner, college, or a casual acquaintance? There are different types of prank calls, and we have put them in categories, so it would be easier for you to choose the best ones. These ideas come with a guarantee that you’re going to laugh your head off.

Are you ready for the most entertaining prank call ideas for 2022? Firstly, let us explain how this works. You’re going to get amazed at how easy it is to make a prank call.

How to use prank call ideas? 

What’s the main trouble with making a prank call? You got it right. It’s when people recognize your voice! Sending a fake text is easy, but calling a person and risking for them to figure out who you are by your voice is tricky. What if we tell you that there is a way for a computer to call the number and read the message you have for them. That way, no one would ever know it’s you, and you could make prank calls without exposing yourself.

Well, surprise! There is such a thing. It’s a Voice Message service that allows you to send a spoken message to anyone you want, without the risk of using your voice. Amazing, right?

Another trouble of making a prank call is that the receiver sees your number on their display. Well, not anymore. You can enter any phone number you want in the sender field. The person you’re calling will see that number on their display. So, once they pick up, they’ll hear your message being read aloud by a female or male voice.

Isn’t that great? Now you can prank call anyone you want, even your loved one who would always recognize your number and voice! It’s time for you to laugh because we listed the best prank call ideas for 2022 below.

Prank call ideas for friends

Who’s your favourite person to prank? It’s probably your friends. That’s why we have prepared prank call ideas for friends that you can use. Have fun and make them wonder who called them.

1. From: Katy

Meet me tonight at the park to finally have that first date we never got to have.

2. From: FBI

Delete those Facebook comments right now!

3. From: The New York Times

We’re trying to get in touch with you for an exclusive story, so please contact us.

4. From: The Phone Cleaning Service

We’re cleaning the phone lines by sending electricity, so don’t use your phone in the next 4 hours.

5. From: The school/office

You’re a great student/worker, so we’re rewarding you with a day off!

Funny prank call ideas 

When it comes to prank call ideas, the sky is your limit. Feel free to be as creative as you can but do not put anyone in danger. We singled out funny prank call ideas that will make you laugh out loud.

1. From: Anyone

I’m outside, come out to see me!

2. From: The Prize Committee

Congratulations, you have won $10000, we’ll contact you via email for details.

3. From: The ZOO

We’re missing a monkey, so please come back as soon as you can.

4. From: The robbers united

We’ve tried robbing your place, but we found nothing of any worth, so please keep your doors locked.

5. From: Mike

Hi, I saw you registered on men love men. I knew you are gay.

Revenge prank call ideas 

It’s payback time! You waited for a long time to get your revenge to your friend and have a laugh. Now is the time! You want to give them the taste of their own medicine, and the best way for it is using revenge prank call ideas.

1. From: Ex

I still love you, and you need to know that we have a child together. Call me. 


2. From: The Queen

I have to inform you that you are no longer a citizen of The United Kingdom, so please move.

3. From: Boss

I’ll keep it short - Don’t come in tomorrow. You lost your job due to things we found on your PC.

4. From: Doctor

Please come and see me as soon as possible. There was a mix up at the hospital.

5. From: Lucy

Remember when we had a one night stand? Well, I’m pregnant.

Scary prank call ideas


Some prank ideas may blow your mind. If you’re a fan of this type of pranks, you’ll enjoy this list of scary prank call ideas. Please do not abuse the service. Use it when the receiver is near you, so you can act accordingly and tell your friend it was a joke.

1. From: Private number

We hold your partner hostage, prepare a million dollars in unmarked bills.

2. From: The police

We know that you’re involved in money laundering. Please do not leave the country, we’ll call again soon.

3. From: FBI

We’re listening.

4. From: Private number

I’m the previous owner of the house, don’t let the police search it, they’re on their way.

5. From: Private number

We completed the job and destroyed the evidence.

6. From: The bank

We blocked your bank account due to suspicious activity.

Use your imagination, be positive and creative and make up new prank ideas. 

Please have in mind that you should be near the person who will receive the call so you can advise him/her not to overreact.


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